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The Fusion of Technology and Business

      AIC was formed to bridge the gap between technological innovation and business and organizational needs. AIC believes the prominent technology-business divide is rooted in several factors, such as the inability for engineers and technologists to convey their intellectual property in a manner that resonates with what potential clients and users are actually trying to accomplish. Further, confusing and crowded slices of the technology market - particularly in the areas of AI/ML and Cybersecurity - overwhelm buyers to the point where sub-optimal acquisition choices are made, or perhaps no acquisition is performed at all.


      AIC's  ability to fuse technology and business is the result of years of experience working in hybrid technical and customer-facing roles. We are passionate about delivering working, usable solutions to our clients, regardless of their individual technology knowledge level. As prominent American businessman, software engineer, and investor, Marc Andreesen, has said "software is eating the world." We want to help our clients successfully adopt technology instead of getting swallowed up by it. 

Business & Organizational Objectives

Technology & Innovation


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