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Operating large-scale customer service centers can be costly and inefficient. Outside of the high facilities and personnel expenditures required to run these centers, there's the added price to pay in terms of lost business due to not appropriately or effectively handling a customer service request. AIC helps customer service organizations adopt AI so that their customers can receive faster, tailored answers to inquiries while removing the time and space barriers that often preclude them from getting the help they need when they need it.



Today's organizations need to be proactive in detecting and responding to sophisticated cyber attacks. Modern threats often evade traditional security measures and the detection of such threats requires advanced analytics. AIC designs and builds solutions to target, hunt, and disrupt advanced cyber threats at a multi-petabyte scale, using link analysis, user and entity behavior analytics, deep machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 


The post-9/11 hyper-connected world brings new challenges to national security and intelligence gathering. These challenges require efficient cross-functional real-time solutions that harness modern computing platforms to solve problems in human language technology, natural language processing, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. AIC helps clients build innovative technical solutions that make an immediate and significant impact on the national security mission. 

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