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Primary Services

Strategic Consulting

AIC helps clients align their business strategies with advances in technology and innovation. We believe technology should help achieve a larger end-state but that technology isn't an end-state in-of-itself. Our innovation strategies ensure our clients successfully adopt technology as part of some other, larger purpose.

Solutions Engineering

We design end-to-end software and technology solutions for enterprises that are tasked with running complex information systems. We leverage techniques from both the solutions and systems engineering disciplines to create balanced, optimized solutions engineering deliverables for our customers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is transforming organizations and modern society. AIC crafts innovative AI solutions that help organizations digitally serve customers at-scale, find hidden patterns and meaning in text and audio, and rapidly detect cyber threats that have not previously been discovered.

Big Data & Data Science

Data science is science in digital form, enabling modern organizations to uncover new facts and insights that would otherwise remain unknown. We apply the data science practice to help organizations optimize operations and improve outcomes through data-driven decision making.


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