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How AIC is Helping the United States Win the Artificial Intelligence Race

A few months ago, Vladamir Putin was quoted in an Associated Press article stating that the leader of artificial intelligence (AI) will rule the world. These remarks sent shock waves in the United States, prompting responses from Elon Musk and many other notable business, think tank, and academic leaders. Even more recently and also related to AI, American business mogul Mark Cuban made Yahoo! Finance headlines by stating, "If we let China or Russia win the artificial intelligence race we're 'SOL'."

All this to say, we’d like to think we’re doing our part at AIC to help give America a competitive edge. Here are just a few examples of how AIC is helping the US win the AI race:

  1. We’re actively building solutions that are based on the field of natural language processing (NLP): Search, chatbots, machine translation, sentiment analysis - businesses and individuals rely on these NLP-based capabilities daily, yet the supply of commercially-available NLP software still doesn’t seem to have kept up with its strong demand. AIC is enabling government and commercial entities to strategically and efficiently adopt NLP into their enterprises, working with niche, 3rd-party NLP partner companies to do so. Our efforts result in organizations gaining the competitive edge needed to thrive in today’s global economy.

  2. We’re applying AI to the cybersecurity domain: The initial generations of security technology were designed well before the emergence of cloud, IoT, social media, Big Data, etc. To combat the unmanageable number of diverse threats that today’s enterprises face, new cybersecurity capabilities, based on breakthroughs in deep and machine learning, are quite possibly our only hope. Depending on the needs of our clients, we either develop customizable AI-rooted cyber solutions or build such solutions based on commercially-available technology through our strategic partnerships.

  3. We’re pioneering the development of ‘logical inferencing’ technology, based on patented IP we’ve licensed from an established, Swiss-based NLP firm: The ability for a machine to extract implicit facts from human-generated text - ‘logical inferencing’ - is another area where we are actively developing software solutions. Our advances in this AI sub-discipline will push search technologies to the next level by significantly improving accuracy of results, discovering ‘new’ information, and heightening user experience.

We are thrilled to be operating in a field that not only has so much promise and potential, but that is producing actual results for business and society. Further, while AI has a potential dark side (as oftentimes depicted when such a term is used alongside other nation states), AIC will always ensure responsible and ethical use of such technology.

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